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Latest News

Update 5.1.2 releasedUpdate 5.1.2 released - Tuesday, August 18, 2015

I've posted a small update to 5.1.2, which contains a couple of fixes for the Auto Tracker:

  • Improves matching of players to account for surnames (e.g. Odell Beckham Jr.)
  • Improves CBS Auto Tracker to log selections if you join a draft in progress (and missed the first pick)

Registered users can update by clicking the version number in the lower right corner of the welcome screen.

Update 5.1.1 releasedUpdate 5.1.1 released - Wednesday, August 12, 2015
I've released version 5.1.1 which includes some small improvements to managing players, including:
  • Added filtering by team, bye week, and rating to Player Ranker.
  • Added ability to delete Positions or Teams from the respective screen with an option to delete or reassign related players.
  • Fixed bug which can cause incorrectly numbered rankings after deleting players.

I also added the latest player rankings.  You can get the latest rankings by clicking the version number in the lower right corner of the welcome screen.

Note:  Going forward, I will only publish one version of the rankings, which will include DST and IDP.  If you do not use IDP, you can now easily either delete those positions from the Position screen, or remove the positions when setting up a draft.  This will make it easier for me to manage rankings by only having one set to update.

Version 5.1.0 releasedVersion 5.1.0 released - Sunday, July 19, 2015

Bad news and good news.  First the bad news - I haven't had time or energy to put into Fantasy Draft Assistant as I would like, so there will not be a new major version released this year as I have in years past.

However, there is still good news.  I have released an update to version 5.1.0 which is a free update to all licensed users of version 5.  The updates included in this version are:

  • Added Yahoo to supported draft types in Auto Tracker.
  • Auto Tracker no longer requires use of IE for Yahoo and My Fantasy League drafts.
  • Auto Tracker no longer considered in Beta.
  • Draft button is now next to player name by default on Custom Views.

To get the update, launch Fantasy Draft Assistant and simply click the version number in the lower right corner of the welcome screen.

As always, good luck with your drafts.


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